Update 02 - Some vegetation and houses!

Update 01 - Village Foundation

So yes, I'm way overdue with my first update. My degree project has unfortunately been off to a very rocky start. However I feel I'm getting back on track now.
For those of you who don't know I will be building an environment in Unreal with a lot of focus on foliage. I feel that my foliage skills have been lacking and it's an area I really enjoy exploring. 
I'm a bit behind my planned schedule, but now after I've gotten some work done, I feel I will be able to catch up in no time. So far I have defined how the terrain will be shaped, where I want my main buildings, figuring out how much time all my assets will take, implemented interactive water (yes, the level will be playable) etc.
I've also found a foliage workflow I really enjoy where I mostly sculpt my foliage in Z-brush, and then bring it into Substance Designer where I bake out and define my textures. 
The project will be based on concept art made by my partner
@Emitzo. So we have worked a bit together to come up with the concepts that this village will be based on. 

Now, I have a lot of buildings to create so I'm back to work. Will come with Update nr.2 very soon!

Concept art by Emitzo :)