Arrowhood is a game made by 12 students at Futuregames during a period of 4 weeks.

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

I was a prop, rigging and animation artist responsible to model and texture assets, and create all rigging and animation.

For all my animations I used recordings of myself doing parkour as reference.  

My biggest challenge on this project was to figure out how  the bow and character would work together, as well  as how to make it look good in both 1:st and 3:rd person view.

Art by: Bo Oldertz


FRAGMENT is a game made by 10 students at Futuregames during a period of 8 weeks.


Engine: Unity

In this project I once again focused on rigging, animation and some assets. But even if the end-result of my efforts isn't a masterpiece this time around, I learned awesome rigging techniques and character rigging knowledge.

Fragment is a third-person Puzzle-platformer, set in the subconscious mind. An emotional journey, to uncover forgotten memories. Experience surreal worlds and environments together with a guiding companion. Remember what has been forgotten!


Super Mother Quackers

SUPER MOTHER QUACKERS is a competitive and hectic multiplayer game where you take control of your own Mother Duck. Collect ducklings, and steal those of your opponents. Dash and dodge your way through a crazy arena jam-packed with hazards.

Role: Modeling, Texturing & Environment Art

Engine: Unreal Engine 4